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Help for Parents: Two new opportunities are available to navigate the maze of technologies to support your child 

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Are you interested in starting to use technology to help your child experience greater success and less frustration with school activities that involve reading, writing, organization and focus? Are you searching for the best ways to help keep... read more

Getting Started with Assistive Technology 

Guest post for Maryland Assistive Technology Network February 1, 2015
Entire article with images can be found at Text to speech. Speech recognition. Word prediction. Guided Access. Digital calendars. Reminders. The Livescribe Recording Pen. Bookshare. Learning Ally. Kid safe... read more

The Changing Face of Exhibit Halls 

Reflections After Attending a Special Needs Fair
The snow had stopped, the frigid cold was replaced with warmer temperatures and the sun was shining bright. The rescheduled special needs fair was well attended by many families eager to explore potential resources to help their children. The... read more
Posted by Joan Green Tuesday, March 10, 2015 4:36:00 PM Categories: Apple apps Assistive Technology cognition executive functioning ipad Joan Green SLP speech therapy Twice Exceptional

Affordable Online Tools to Help with Spelling and Grammar You Many Not Know Exist 

Learn about Features That May Help Writing on a Computer
Everyone benefits from help with grammar and spelling. Most people are aware of tools offered by Microsoft Word such as the spelling and grammar check, thesaurus and dictionary. I frequently use them as I write reports and generate articles. While... read more

Now Available- Assistive Technology in Special Education- 2nd Edition 

Resources for Education, Intervention and Rehabilitation
We all know children who struggle with speaking, understanding, reading, writing, thinking, learning or remembering. Families, teachers, and therapists who are searching for an update about how to use the latest technologies to help... read more

Joan’s top picks for free tech tools to make online reading easier 

Many barriers exist to reading text online. For some, the text may be too small. For others, they may have difficulty decoding, processing or sustaining attention to derive meaning from the written words. In addition, the ads and cluttered images... read more

Cool Tools that Record As You Write and Creative Ways to Use them  

There are a myriad of affordable options now available that link written notes with the audio. It is very powerful when everything is recorded that is said aloud as you write. When you tap on a certain place in the notes- you replay what was heard at that moment. 

... read more
Posted by Joan Green Saturday, April 13, 2013 4:53:00 PM Categories: Apple apps Assistive Technology cognition For Adults For Children ipad speech therapy Twice Exceptional

Assistive Technology for the 2e ( Twice Exceptional) Learner- Interview of Joan L. Green and how she helps students 

( This article was written by J. Mark Bade as a Featured Topic in the newletter Assistive Technology for the 2 e Learner ) in the Jan/Feb, 2012 issue) Are you looking for a way to help that gifted child you raise or teach who has an... read more
Monday, February 20, 2012 3:55:00 PM Categories: Apple apps Assistive Technology For Children Software Twice Exceptional