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Now Available- Assistive Technology in Special Education- 2nd Edition

Resources for Education, Intervention and Rehabilitation
We all know children who struggle with speaking, understanding, reading, writing, thinking, learning or remembering. Families, teachers, and therapists who are searching for an update about how to use the latest technologies to help... read more

Pictures, Screenshots and Scans, More than Just Images

Use photos to help daily life

Images can be used to greatly enhance communication and learning- especially when individuals have difficulty with speaking, reading and writing. The use of pictures can also save time and data downloads. I think that many of us tend to focus on using software and apps to help others and often forget about using other functions of devices such as cameras and screenshot capability.

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Using Music in Therapy

Top picks for music apps to help people who have communication and cognitive challenges such as autism spectrum disorders, aphasia and head injuries

It is well known that music is a wonderful tool that can be used to enhance communication skills and make therapy more enjoyable for people young and old. ...Some of the apps turn the iPad into a musical instrument, some provide lyrics or up close lip movement while singing and others can be used to play favorite musical selections....Here are a few of the apps/online sites with music that I find myself using repeatedly to make our sessions more fun and effective. There are hundreds of music apps available.

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Helping Our Children at Home

Enhancing Communication and Progress toward Goals through Play

Play is how children learn. As parents, therapists and teachers, many of us get caught up in the day to day chores we need to keep up with our hurried lifestyle and may forget about how important it is for us to have fun and actively play with our kids. When people of any age are happy and engaged, they learn better. Structured play with specific goals in mind is a great way to promote progress toward communication, cognitive and even literacy goals. Many families need help learning how to play with their children..... In my experience, many parents do not receive enough direct communication and support from the professionals who are helping their children.

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The Changing World of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

The pros and cons of more affordable and ubiquitous AAC apps
Each time I prepare to teach a graduate student class, train a group of therapists or provide therapy for a client, I spend time making sure my information is up to date. I recently taught a symposium at George Washington University titled,“AAC... read more